EXCLUSIVE TRAINING With Credit Expert Jesse Rodriguez

CreditCEO LIVE - "New Year, New Credit"



  • Saturday, December 5th
  • 9:30am-12:30pm

LIVE Credit Restoration / Financial Training In Seattle, WA

CreditCEO training with Jesse Rodriguez will teach you how to CORRECT, ENHANCE & OBTAIN -- YOUR CREDIT! Jesse's proven 3 step process will allow you to save money, leverage your finances, protect your family and own your dream home -- FOR FREE.

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Here's What You'll Discover During This Free Seminar:

Jesse is going to open up and has agreed to share his life's work with YOU. He's owned and operated a Credit Restoration Company for 8+ years and is going to show you the tricks that the Banks and Credit Bureaus don't want you to know...

  • How to improve, maximize and monitize your personal credit. Become the boss of your credit.
  • How to increase your credit limits (most of our students get over 80K in available credit within 12 months)
  • How to stop debt collectors in their tracks and how to get a lawyer to assist you FOR FREE
  • How to guarantee the lowest interest rates on; Auto, Mortgage and Personal Loans. Including Credit Cards and Business Loans
  • How to get access to VIP perks like First Class Tickets, Airport Lounges, Luxury Rental Cars and more at an extreme discount

Seats are limited so act now

Saturday December 5th 9am

Seattle Airport Marriott

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About Me - Jesse Rodriguez

Jesse has helped thousands of consumers overcome their credit troubles. He's owned and operated Cobalt Credit Services, a Credit Repair Company in Seattle, WA for 8+ years. Jesse's passion is helping you save money and reap the elite benefits of having good credit. With 10+ years of experience, an A+ rating with the BBB and 0 complaints, Jesse is a real Credit Expert.